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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Virtual Reality App?

Rates for VR App Development vary according to the country you choose to develop in. In US or Canada, the development costs could be anywhere between USD 40 – USD 240 per hour, whereas in Western Europe, the costs remain similar ranging from USD 40 – USD 180 per hour. In India, the development costs can drop to USD 20 – USD 70 per hour Read More

Future store: 10 innovations in the retail store of the future

The title of this article has nothing to do with the canadian network of electronics stores. This is not such a subtle play on the concept of “ future shock” - a term used to describe our reaction Read More

200 Google’s Ranking Factors – The Complete SEO Checklist For 2018

Although SEO is very serpentine, it plays a critical role in the present digitalized world. Now, businesses are giving significance to SEO and are spending a chunk of cash on it. However, these days a Read More

The Ideal way to pitch your app to investors

Gradually pitching your App idea to investors and Compelling them to Put Money into your startup Isn't a Very Easy Job.Yet, many strategies exist that may dramatically increase your ability to generat Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Augmented Reality App?

Now the obvious question that runs into each of our heads is : How much does it cost to make an AR app? To begin with, what all you expect the AR app to do? If it is a multi-functional AR, you can certainly expect it to be costlier than an app with dedicated function. Estimating budget for Augmented Reality app is just like estimating cost for building a house – the more the features, the higher the cost. Read More

Will Artificial Intelligence Change Future Services For Customers?

Apple-based Siri has been bringing virtual assistants closer to many of us since 2010. However, at present, artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are more cultivated, because the infusion of technolog Read More

The Thing You Need To Know About Unity3D

Loved Having Fun the Temple Run trilogy? This has been made around Unity3D!Approximately Unity3DUnity3D is one of many cross platform 3 d motors around that is strong. Using a very userfriendly deve Read More

The Best Way To Launch an App in 11 Easy Steps?

The launch: it is the 1st community offering, super bowl, and d-day all wrapped in one. Every technique needs landmarks, something to make an effort and.The app may be the infant. {You dressed up Read More

How is Big Data Changing the Business Operations?

Big data refers to data sets that are so voluminous in nature, that they cannot be understood by the traditional methods of data analysis. Every second, business organizations receive data regarding their operations, their markets, their competitors, and their consumers from various sources. Many enterprises are swamped by all this amorphous data, but the real progressive organizations know that big data if harnessed, can help them in many ways than one. Read More

How colloquial Commerce will shape the future of retail

We bet you've heard about the cunning advertising of Burger King, causing the dynamics of the Google smart Home throughout the United States. it was both deliberately ridiculous and very timely—afte Read More

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