Why is MVP important for website and mobile applications?

Why is MVP important for website and mobile applications?
Having a preliminary test with an MVP allows a company to develop ways on how a web or mobile app can gain popularity with an audience of potential and existing customers. However, whenever the use of an MVP provides an unsuccessful product result, you can restudy the functionalities, strategies and target audience engagement factors.

What is Minimum Viable Product?

The Minimum Viable Product, usually abbreviated as MVP, is an innovative product as a web or mobile app that is designed with sufficient features needed to test the app in a market and gain experimental interests from users and consumers.

User feedback that may be used in creating the final product and making necessary adjustments to the product can be utilized once the conceptualized web or mobile app is designed and tested. Generally, an MVP should be a product that generates value for the consumers who will use it after production.
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Benefits that you can derive from MVP

  • A company is able to carry out and test a product hypothesis with minimal resources: both human and financial resources

  • It helps enhance and accelerate the learning of consumer preferences and needs

  • An MVP reduces wasted engineering hours through the creation of a product in conformance with the customer requirements and preferences

  • Reduces the arduous task of reworking

  • Helps in building a relationship with your customers before the hard launch the app or website.

How Do You Create Your Web or Mobile App as an MVP?

  • An understanding of the target audience for the app/website where the MVP is intended to be released, is a must. It is prudent to evaluate the competition and the value of creating and piloting MVPs. The marketing department should determine how all these activities can be done differently or better.

  • Evaluate all the main features of the MVP and ascertain whether you should save some features for later production. This can be done in order to keep the minimum viable web or mobile app uncomplicated.

  • Determine whether there other enhancing frameworks like API’s are available.

  • Create a release plan and roadmap to push the website/application to the market.

  • Research and reinvent necessary technicalities associated with the development before creating the final product.

  • Gain feedback from the market segment, existing and potential customers about the MVP.

  • If the MVP is appreciated by the market, then it is time to make a decision to develop the final product and release it to the market. If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

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In the end, an MVP is just a projection of the mobile app or website that you finally visualize to launch. It helps in avoiding the unnecessary investment in terms of time and money to develop a whole functioning product. Instead, it allows you to just lay out the vital features to the target audience and test their reactions and feedbacks to your product.

A good example of an MVP would be the case of Dropbox that used a video as their MVP, showcasing the programming and concept of sharing files. Only upon receiving positive reactions and feedback from their viewers did they actually work on developing the final application.

A majority of startups today make good use of the MVP and if you’re planning to launch a website or a mobile app in the near future, so should you.

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