How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App
The multipurpose utility of mobile phones has been recognized by the e-commerce industry. Thus, they have come up with a marketing strategy of making their brands more accessible by means of the mobile app. If you didn’t know what is an app, then this article establishes as the ideal guide.

A mobile app basically is a projection of a website in the form of an application with an easy UI that users can download on their mobile devices. Whether a leading firm or a start-up venture, everyone today is looking to create an app that makes them more reachable to their target audience.

From reckoning how much does it cost to create an app to factors affecting the cost and development process, we shall cover everything that you need to know about app development.

Brand Mobile app
An average individual spends 52% of his phone time using apps.

The Non-Negotiable Need of A Mobile App

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must already know why it has it become an indispensable need to build an app. In case you are still unaware, let’s further delve on why creating an app is the need of the hour:-

1. Augmented Customer Value with Mobile App

Today smartphones accessorize every hand; therefore knowing how to build an app has become incumbent. When your application is available to the people whenever they want, it increases your value as a brand. Why, you ask? Simple, you are providing real-time accessibility to your users, consequently emerging as an available solution to them.
According to Gartner, in the coming years, demand for Business Apps will multiply 5 times more than the overall capacity of the app development market.

2. Mobile Apps Avail Better and Direct Customer Engagement

By providing exclusive engagement, you take your brand value to a whole new level. And, this is the ideal answer to how to make mobile apps enduring. The mobile app allows you to augment your connection with customers, thereby building a reliable and trustworthy relationship with them. The convenience, speed, and accessibility that mobile apps offer enhances the user’s perspective towards your product.

3. Lead the Competition with Mobile Apps

Today, you have to make your presence visible to your audience if you’re looking to sustain in the market. And developing an app allows you to place your brand right in the palm of your audience, on their phones, thus hammering the brand name in their subconscious regularly and constantly. As you get more number of downloads, it proportionately increases the equity of your brand.
By building an app, you are more close to your customers than ever. In other words, you are one step closer to making a sale.

4. Mobile Apps Are the Latest Sales Channel

Mobile Apps Are the Latest Sales Channel

With a mobile app, you are providing your customers an opportunity to access your brand the same way as accessing via a web browser. The plus point here is that they can access it whenever and wherever they wish and are not confined to their personal computers or laptops. Apps also tend to provide a better user interface experience for your customers. With minimum interruption and maximum conversion, this is referred to as direct marketing.

5. Mobile Apps Generate Brand Stature

If you want to tout your brand as a distinguished solution, then you have to outdo your competitors. Making an app helps achieve eminent brand stature. Additionally, when your client base expands, it naturally allows you to sustain a larger share in the market, therefore allowing you to get ahead of your competitors.

6. Mobile Apps are a Source of Invaluable Customers Insights

Today, marketing is all about knowing how your customers feel. A mobile app allows you to get inside the minds of the users and monitor their behavior accordingly. This in turn, allows you to analyze your marketing strategy and work up a plan that complements the audience behavior.

Take your Mobile App from Good to Stellar

Mobile App from Good to Stellar

You see tons of mobile apps in Google Play Store (Android) and the Applications Store (IOS); do you download all of them? No, right? The apps that you did download must have offered something different, something worthwhile that sparked your interest. Let’s look into some of the influential aspects that help create an impeccable app.

1. Do You Have an Idea?

Your mobile application must cater to a particular problem or the need of your target audience. Without proper utility, your app is not going to flourish in the market. Before making an app, do a thorough analysis and get into every nook and cranny of the targeted market. Primarily there are three things that you must analyze - competition, unidentified needs/issues of the audience, and lastly, what unique and fresh product/functionality can you offer. Analysis done with the market’s point of view will avail you more insights and ideas on how to develop an app.

2. Design an App according to the Idea

Your icons, graphics, the layout of each and every page should be creative and well-executed. However, always remember that a great app needs to be great in functionality as well. How does your layout feature? How easy is your site to navigate? Or how quickly can the audience adapt to your site? Positive answers to these questions is a must before commencing the app build.

3. Connect with the World

Connect with the World

One factor to make your app successful is to offer proficient connectivity. When you allow your users to connect with you and the world, you are increasing the usability and brand awareness. Therefore, it is paramount to know how to design an app that is connective and interactive.

4. Create an Enduring Impact

For people, good apps are nothing short of obsession and that is what you need to target. You need to plan out an app that compels the users to visit time and again. So, what will make your app attractive? You need to go back to step one and deeply analyze what the audience is lacking and expecting. If your app is the solution to their problems, there is nothing stopping it from attaining the success it truly deserves.

What Influences Mobile App Development Cost?

Mobile App Development Cost


If the question in row was, “how much does it cost to build an iphone”, the figure could very well be accounted for. However, when the question “how much does it cost to build an app” does not have a fixed answer or a fixed amount. From different shapes, sizes, color, and functionalities, mobile applications come in distinctive forms. Evidently, there are many factors that may affect the cost to build an app, however, below are two primary elements that assist in determining the same-

Curating an Effective Business Model

An obvious question in your mind would be how much does it cost to make an app? To get the ideal answer, you have to create a plan and a business model that will eventually lead to ROI. It is the most imperative aspect to determine the investment amount in the project. Some of the factors that you need to consider are, the current interests of your audience, whether or not to monetize the app, the monetization strategy, etc. These and other countless facets need to be considered to build a solid business model that would, in turn, bring high returns.

Deciding the Suitable Platform

Now that you have decided what your app will be all about, you need to brainstorm about the platform on which it should be created. And you don’t need to settle for just one platform. This means, you can build an app that works effectively on both the mobile platforms; iOS and Android. Initially, it is advised to conduct a trial run on one platform and after successful implementation, launch it on the other. So which one should you select first? Let’s elaborate their pros and cons to get a step closer to the answer:-

iOS Vs Android: Which One is Better?

iOS Vs Android: Which One is Better
Image Credit: Statista

Pros and Cons of iOS

Pros Cons
Faster and easier to access Demands frequent updates
Higher value than other operating system Needs approval from the Apple Store
Better quality control No guarantee of app acceptance
Once accepted get full support from Apple Store Higher maintenance cost

Pros and Cons of Android

Pros Cons
Faster and cost-effective to develop Limited tools to work with
Easy integration Measured rendering
Quicker to launch Inefficient emulator
Wider installation base Fragmented devices

A Mobile App that’s Functional

The app development cost will primarily depend on two factors - the type of application and the technical specifications it entails. When it comes to the types and functionalities, there are indefinite options for you to design an app that stands out in the market. Some of the important categories of mobile apps are database, table, dynamic, and games. Incorporating additional functionalities like personal profiles, login, geolocation, connectivity etc. further accentuate the features of your application.

The Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Development Process


Who do you want to hire for your app development? You have three options; a freelancer, a small firm, or a big development agency. It is important to note that hiring cost of an android app developer differs from that of an iOS app developer.

While all these three options have their pros and cons, the end decision depends on the app requirements and the final budget. No matter who you choose, make sure that they are right for the job with a proven track record and are punctual enough to stick to the deadlines given.

Fragmenting the Costs of Developing an App

From preparing the business model to the final stage of development, you have to invest a good sum of the money in order to build a great app. Some of the expenses you are most likely to come across are-

  • Overall development process

  • Testing the app

  • Legally safeguarding the app (patents, copyright, and trademark)

  • Launching and marketing a mobile app

  • Technical support

  • Maintenance

Total Investment of Building a Mobile App

Building a Mobile App

From features and functionalities to the platform and developer, the cost to develop an app varies vastly on the above factors. In terms of cost of development, it differs from country to country, with US being the costliest and India turning out to be one of the cheapest options.

To give you an estimate on how much does it cost to develop an app in the US; the price varies from USD 70 to USD 250 per hour; the cost in UK, on the other hand, ranges from USD 50 to USD 100 per hour. In India, the cost generally goes from USD 15 to USD 30 per hour.

Funding Strategies to Develop an App

Developing apps require investments. It is understandable that not all companies come with a financial back-up to fulfil the requirements. If the cost isn’t much, then you can go for a small loan. Also, if you possess knowledge about coding and other aspects of app development; you can build it yourself.

However, if the above two options don’t work, you could reach out to potential investors with mutually benefitting proposals from developing the application.

From knowing the development cost of an app to evaluating how much does it cost to make an app yourself, it is inevitable that you have to set down a standard budget for the process. And while doing so, don’t just consider the cost to build an app; think beyond and include the latter cost of mobile app maintenance, updates, support, marketing, etc. When you incorporate even the tiniest of elements into your budget, your business model will turn out to be more comprehensive and thorough.

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