Design or Content: Which is the Most Important Element for Mobile Devices?

Design or Content: Which is the Most Important Element for Mobile Devices?
Should you pay attention only to the design and leave content aside, or go vice versa? This question definitely needs exploration. The fact is, failing on any of these elements can cost a mobile device the customer engagement, which eventually can defeat its very purpose.

In the world where patience is now a rarity, it is essential for the developer to create impact in not more than eight seconds. This golden figure is actually derived from a lot of consumer behavior research and is considered the ideal time expected by a person to have the content displayed. Also, once you have charged up the customer completely with exceptional marketing through design, content should take over to convert the prospective lead into a sale.

Let’s take a look at what makes both these elements so important while dealing in mobile devices.

Various design aspects are given due attention to enable customer to get familiar with the web property. A few of the design elements that are put on the top pedestal of priority are:

  • Visual hierarchy: What is it that is worth reaching the customer’s eyes first? This question determines the flow of elements in the web property.

  • CTA placement: The most important part is CTA. These small elements leave big impact and are actual motivators for a visitor. Their placement and appearance is another design consideration. That is why; search bar – the entry point to the content – is placed always at the top so that customer starts using the application in no time.

  • Space: Using content and negative space smartly and creatively can deliver an efficient UX experience. This helps you maximize the customer experience to bring you more sales

  • Navigation: Users love seamless applications and web properties that have logical flow of elements are easy to relate to.

  • Additional built-in functionalities: Adding map in a taxi app, or contact list in chat app makes the experience hassle-free and the user is prompted to penetrate deeper into the content with the help of added information.

  • Optimal volume: The content should not be too voluminous to cause hanging of the device or too less to offer no value to the user. Thus, correct volume of brand material is therefore, a great driver to create better customer experience.

Content, at the same time, is extremely crucial as it explains what you offer.. It has to have exceptional brevity with visual appeal. Also, it has to blend with the design so that it offers a wholesome package that makes complete sense to the consumer.

Content on a mobile device runs differently as how it runs on a desktop. This is the reason why concept of responsive design was introduced. Choosing one of both the elements as the most important is certainly not a wise idea. Both are equally important and require full attention. If the content needs to be concise, effective as well user-friendly, the design has to be there to support it to enable it deliver what customer expects.

Both content and design compliment each other. Both elements, therefore, need equal attention so as to bring a user-friendly mobile device on the table.

How can we benefit your business?

  • User Friendly Navigation

  • Design that sets your business apart

  • Position your Brand

  • Display content rightfully

  • Maintain Consistency

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