How to Calculate Website Maintenance Costs

How to Calculate Website Maintenance Costs
Website maintenance is an essential task for any business venture, regardless of its size and income generation flow. Your website is a worldwide identity for your business and a two-way road for the world to know the effectiveness of your services. A well-maintained website is critical for real-time service industries. All business ventures require customary website maintenance to be up to the minute with innovative updates, maintain their search engine rankings and present the latest information to the target audience.

There are two variables to website maintenance.

  1. The first is maintaining the integrity or the basic outlay of the website code – the code that allows your website to function.

  2. The second is where the regular updates, backups, security, etc. to your website are necessary.

Website Framework Updates

Websites are somewhat similar to any other software application used, they have various versions, up gradation of each new version adds new features, or fixes various security flaws. Similarly, your website also needs timely upgrades for new features and add-ons. This could be every few months depending on what type of framework your website is built on.

Restoring Data and Backups

Restoring data and backing up your website is one of the most crucial tasks for your business, regardless of the genre of your business and the field of operation. Storing this data securely and regularly is a vital element of your website maintenance. This is an area where many businesses lack, until it is long overdue. Also, making sure that your website is up to date in terms of data theft and security is important for any venture. It lessens the vulnerabilities hackers could use to take wrongful benefit of your site.

Content Maintenance

Business enterprises have a regular need to update their website content, like product information, staff bios, service details, news, etc. Most of the modern website tools, have content management Systems (CMS) built-in frameworks that allow users to update and manage content. Costs for maintaining the content for your website depends on the number of hours your business requires for content development.

Themes, Plugins, and Extensions

Extensions and Plugins are mini-applications that you add to your website to enhance the features, like displaying a slideshow on the home page, a video player, a social media feed, a photo gallery, etc. These mini-applications too regularly call for an upgradation to maintain the contemporary look of the website.

Other services included in website maintenance are for Website Hosting Updates, Domain Renewals, etc.
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The Bottom Line

Developing an attractive website is only one half of the job done. Regularly maintaining it and keeping it updated constitutes the other half.

Few companies feel the need to hire in-house developers to maintain their websites. However this adds to quite a few overheads and unnecessary expenditures in terms of salary and other damages.

Outsourcing the job to professional companies in this domain is a choice adopted by many firms. The cost associated for a yearly maintenance contract comes to approximately 15-20% of the cost for the development, or to put it in figures, a low end estimate cost ranging between USD 1500 to USD 3000.

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How can we benefit your business?

  • Cost savings over the life of the contract

  • Increased longevity

  • Dedicated service schedule

  • Emergency service

  • Product Quality Assurance

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