Basic Modules of ERP Software System

Basic Modules of ERP Software System
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System, as the name suggests, is a dependable tool that encompasses all the processes and solutions considered instrumental for the smooth functioning of various departments of an organization. Right from hiring a new person to keeping record of deliverables, everything is managed in a streamlined fashion which becomes totally accountable as well as transparent, with the help of an ERP system.

Let’s take a look at the few basic modules of ERP software categorized on the basis of organization function supported by them.

Human Resource

Human resource planning involves lot of things apart from recruitment and payrolls. Salary records maintenance, allotment of work equipment, tracking of workdays for computing salary, shuffling of staff and keeping track of promotions and due bonuses are various activities encompassing the responsibilities of an HR official. All such varied activities requiring different kinds of resources and information solutions can be integrated at single place – the human resource module of ERP system. This system helps keep track of various other payables too, like travel reimbursements, compensation benefits etc. Employee training and development records are also maintained in this module and it generates reports pertaining to various activities too, so that future actions can be planned.
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For the successful running of an organization, inventory management methods should be sophisticated and fool-proof. The tracking of the movement of inventory from one department to another, tracking of product cycle, raw material supply status, finished good status etc, not to mention, unsold units, FIFO, LIFO and so on – all such activities are best managed with an easily manageable system, responsive to business environment is in place. This is what is offered by inventory module of ERP.

Sales & Marketing

Core sales processes such as enquiry handling, order processing, order status updation, invoice management, payment status along with the information of payment terms, when handled in confusion-free environment, projects a reliable business image. Sales is the last and final step of the product development cycle and keeping track of numbers is essential for identifying the success or failure of the overall production planning. In addition, marketing activities like launch and executing campaigns, campaign response, also make use of strong features of ERP for seamless management.
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Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting module used to be separate software when the activities related to only this function were brought on to a computerized platform. But, with the emergence of wholesome solutions like ERP, the finance and accounting activities management has been integrated into this system having wider area of influence. Apart from providing assistance in routine activities like balance sheet preparation, ledger maintenance, cash flow management, bank statement reconciliation, tax statements etc, the finance and accounting module generates reports too. These reports are extremely crucial for business strategies and top management decision making

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM entails all the activities that an organization does for maintaining healthy and long-lasting relationship with the end consumers. The CRM module offers a systematic way of recording the complaint numbers and generating responses, of maintaining records of suggestions given, feedbacks received. Solving disputes in documented fashion is not the sole purpose of CRM module of ERP. Join promotion of products, generation of loyalty coupons, and maintenance of purchase records etc are other important functions that further strengthen customer relations.
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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management is one of the most crucial modules of the ERP. It needs to organise and keep track of movement of finished goods and raw materials. Vendor management for ensuring raw materials and construction supplies on time, tracking of complete supply chain comprising of warehouses, stock suppliers, wholesalers, retailers etc are essential to ensure that the end users are never given a chance to look for alternatives.

To conclude, process automation is the basic need of the success of the organization of present times. The more intuitive the ERP solution is, the better role it will play in the success of the business. Thus, ERPs enriched with all the modules mentioned above are ideal for competent and customer-centric organizations of high repute.

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