App Marketing - How to Launch an App the Right Way?

App Marketing - How to Launch an App the Right Way?
Implementing traditional marketing channels for launching an App is now, a thing of the past and has long perished with the onslaught of the complex mobile protocols. With the new tradition, came the competition and now your app will be competing with tons of other apps out there, some of which have come through with flying colors while the rest are still struggling to taste success. Neither an excellent concept nor just creating and uploading the app into the relevant stores will be enough.

The launch of the app will have to integrate contemporary strategies, right from the creation of the root idea until well past the stage of the market. Nevertheless, some solid and excellent marketing strategies implemented in the right direction is all it takes to meet a successful App launch.

Here are the crucial marketing and distribution strategies every marketer must value and follow to launch an App the right way.

Know the Prospective Users

The foremost step one needs to value in the app marketing strategy is knowing the target audience. It is important to understand how the app can prosper among the end users and how well users can relate to the use of the app. A keen analysis of customer behavior and thereby introducing the stand out features is the right way, to begin with. One way to trace different customer behavioral pattern is to conduct customer surveys and general understanding based on the category of the app. The other is to completely analyze the type of audience based on the website traffic and metrics.
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Analyse the Competitors

Knowing your audience is half the task done, while a thorough research on your competitor's success with previous apps completes the task. Recognize methods on how your peers have pushed the boundaries of strategies. Analyse the successful apps, identifying the keywords that ranked high, while also taking a look at the ones that were unsuccessful in the same category.

By gathering these data-driven insights from both the peers and the prospective users, one can design a supreme model to a successful launch with an effective marketing campaign.

Engage the Audience and Create a Social Presence

The main objective must be to interact with the audience and engage them in the pre-launch campaign. Consider both, the demographic as well as behavioral targeting while giving out a social call for the app. Get on with the promotional efforts using websites and social channels to ring the app louder amongst diverse communities.
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If the competition is too tight or the app receives a lack of response, create your own domain and invite the audience to join the community.

  • Analyse the seasonal trend so the app can be launched at the right time and the right place to reach the right audience.

  • Create the buzz and grow the user base by campaigning promotional videos and content contexts.

  • Reach out to the powerful influencers and bloggers on the web related to your niche to increase the credibility of the app.

  • If budget permits, personally reach out to journalists to extend the network and to gain better recognition for the app.

 Optimize the App

Right from the features to the titles and keywords, everything about the app must stand out. The best way to achieve this is to implement App Store Optimisation (ASO), which can drive traffic to the app and improve its ranking.

  • Users often search for apps with a specific functionality. Therefore, make sure to include the main feature of the app in the title description.

  • Right keywords in the title will decide the discoverability of the app and so, they play a crucial role especially when launching the app.

  • An attractive icon/logo, defining the app’s functionality, as well as pleasing and encouraging to the audience should definitely grab some eyeballs.

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Make the most of Email Marketing and Push Notifications

A personalized, short and sweet email, describing the app features to the target audience would come under the list of effective strategies prior to launching. Sending emails to potential users must be handled carefully as you wouldn’t want to cross the line between sending and bombarding. Bulk emails mostly find the trash or blocking the sender. You can make use of the website subscriptions to target only the concerned users, which is yet again an important strategy to create a pre-launch campaign for the app. While spreading the word through emails is one method, push notifications to remind the users of updates and new features in the app is another way to gain traction.
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Refining the marketing strategy is crucial to get on with the app launch. The marketers must remember that the number of downloads is not the only thing that makes the app launch successful. The “App of the Year” title is not there to stay forever, with constantly evolving technological platforms. Therefore, it is important to build trust and tactfulness rather than living in numbers. Keep adapting to change and always pitch for the loyal users that keep the app running in the industry.

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