How Android Oreo is better than Android Nougat

How Android Oreo is better than Android Nougat
Monitoring of user behavior and researching on various parameters help developers come up with solutions and find the finer version of the previous offering. Such is the case with Android Nougat and Android Oreo. Nougat did change the way mobile phones were being used. But, with the introduction of Oreo, the next installment of the series, things certainly have changed for better.

The improvements are mostly made on two grounds – features and other functional alterations. Thus, if we compare Android Oreo and Android Nougat, we can find various points of advancements.

For example, aesthetics and functionalities in Oreo show clearer crispness and usability, respectively, and thus, offer better user experience than Android Nougat. Such changes allow reviewers to bring on the table, all that Oreo offers more than the Nougat version of Android.

Android Oreo vs. Android Nougat: Which one is Better

The change in performance

You can find considerable refinement in the way Oreo allows your phone to work. In Nougat, background apps continue running even when those were closed, however, in Oreo, there is background app execution limit applied. It helps the user control the phone for working on only scheduled jobs and not waste resources in running the apps in the background. Thus, you find your phone more ‘available’ and active for completing the jobs you considered priorities.

Notification changes

Users can customize the notification list to have a prioritized way of accessing important alerts. Snoozing, time-outs, channelized notifications, programmatic removal, style and background colors are some of the features associated with the way Android Oreo offers the user better control on the notifications. Unlike Nougat, where notifications are just displayed, Oreo offers promptness in action so that the user can restrict the interaction with the app only up to the action required.


Multiple display compatibility, auto-sizing text view, adaptive icons, pinning shortcuts and widgets – Android Oreo is redefining user control and has loads to offer to the users. Even there is a provision to categorize apps so that you land upon exactly where you want to reach according to the time and preference. AnimatorSet, speech output are some of the advanced features that make communication lot more experimental as well as fun.

Quick setting changes

Settings menu has gone through a makeover to make it easier to use. Its appearance is quite similar to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL that enables handiness of use and better access with the added advantage of easier navigation.

Oreo comes with a built-in file manager that can be accessed directly from the app drawer

This file manager is truly smart. It not only makes the file access easier, it is also giving the intelligent breakup of the files in terms of their type and size. In addition, it offers ease of action by offering action menu at the app drawer point itself, thus, acting upon the files along with their management is swift and crisp.


Android Oreo has upped the game of device hardening. Its features such as device permissions, verified boot, system alerts, Project Treble etc offer impregnable security to the phone and helps the user keep phone safe and hacking-proof as well as theft-proof.
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Android Oreo has certainly been a remarkable milestone and comes with advanced features that offer safe, fast as well as user-centric mobile phone experience. This advancement is truly an enhanced version of Android Nougat and is a fine result of intelligent thought process invested in its making. The smartphone is made truly smarter on various grounds offering the correct reason to the user for upgrading to Oreo; a move that you are sure to consider in coming times.

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