The most amazing smart home gadgets and IOT gift ideas of 2018

The most amazing smart home gadgets and IOT gift ideas of 2018
Companies should take note: the best way to develop a New IOT experience is to anticipate customer needs, because the future is how technology is used.

Hot IOT products and smart home gadgets appearing as gifts this holiday season are actually built on something bigger: the connection between devices shows the incredible potential of IOT as a component of home automation.

IBM's Hursley campus in the UK shows this concept in action with a network of IoT devices, using a forecast to accurately monitor heating throughout the building to accommodate how, when and where people use the facility. A fully realized smart home will not happen immediately, many of the devices leading to it appear as gifts this holiday season.

Smart life: home helpers, hubs and controllers

Home helpers are some of the easiest IOT gift-friendly price options for people who haven't yet made the leap to a smart home or office. Home helpers work as a "command post" for the iot network and as a separate service. The Amazon Echo device family, powered by Alexa virtual assistant, is available in several configurations that offer a smaller Form factor or enhanced speaker.

Home helpers Excel in both convenience and usability; no need to pull out your phone to check the weather: just ask Alexa. Echo can also automate other devices with voice control, including an intelligent thermostat to adjust temperature or intelligent lights to adjust brightness. Google and Apple are also entering the market.

Smarter Cooking: Making Old Ideas Better

Kitchen appliances-one of the most practical gifts. Perfect Bake Pro is the scale associated with the application, which passes through the recipe, to help get the perfect proportion of ingredients. ANOVA Culinary precision cooker uses Wi-Fi to allow temperature control even if the “chef” needs to step out and run some errands. More ambitious IOT appliances, such as the June intelligent oven, which can determine what food is in it and automatically cook it at the right temperature, go a little beyond the “gift” price range, but show the potential of what all IoT appliances are capable of.

Smarter Lighting: Easy Next Step

Smart lights is a sensible IOT gift option for people who already have a home assistant. LIFX LED color-changing lights add optional accent or mood lighting to any room. Changing the hue of the light can switch the living room from normal white to dark red to accompany the mood of the scary movie on demand. Philips Hue white LED Starter Kit, is a modern take on the "clapper" that controls the light with voice commands at home and apps when on the go.

Smart devices rely on pre-programmed artificial intelligence to hold a conversation with a human consumer like a smart refrigerator can listen to running-man a grocery list, select items to buy and place the order.

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