4 ways large companies benefit by thinking like a start up

4 ways large companies benefit by thinking like a start up
Every enterprise organization struggles to launch. Over the years, large companies tend to lose the energy and creativity on which they were ultimately based and settle down in tough and rigid corporate paths. This can make it extremely difficult to compete with destructive startups that have their fingers on the Pulse of the market.

We have corporate clients from all over the world whom we help to get back to their launch roots when it comes to innovation and flexibility. We are also working with several technology companies that are helping to modernize these organizations. Needless to say, we've learned a few things over the years.

Here are three simple ways that large organizations can take advantage of by thinking like a startup.

1. The preservation of the way of thinking when you start

When a business has been around for some time, a certain type of corporate culture begins to take root, consisting of strict policies, standards, and a level at the level of approval processes to go through to do something. Once this culture is established, it is very difficult to change. In fact, you'll find that almost everyone in the organization seems afraid of the word " change.”

Instead of accepting the status quo, it's important to conduct regular brainstorming sessions and meetings where you get back to the beginning. Why was Your company founded? What was the minimum viable product or products? Have you adapted it to meet the needs of changing demographics and customers? Have you updated your business processes with the latest technology?

If you do not stay at the forefront of technology, trends and customer experience, you will lose customers to the next hip brand that did not have time to set in its own way.

2. To return focus to the client

Before your company turned into a big business with a Board of Directors and a complex corporate policy, you were most likely focused on just two simple things: your product and your customer.

In the early days it is much easier to be zeroed in on every little detail of the customer experience. Entrepreneurs and new business owners constantly test the pulse of their customer base and adapt the product to their specification.

When was the last-time you held a focus group or interviewed your clients? Do you have a reliable social media program in place where you listen and respond to Your customers across all major channels?

The fact Is, you can't sell and serve a new generation of shoppers with an old school approach to development, marketing, and customer service. Make it a point to get customer feedback on a regular basis and act on that feedback in the most appropriate way.

3. Be prepared, ready and able to change course when needed

The biggest thing startups do for them is agility and speed. Combine this with the laser focus on what the customer wants, and there is no wonder why big businesses can't compete.

Why, when small companies become large enterprises, do they usually lose not only the ability to change course when necessary, but also the willingness to do so? Much of this goes back to the previous point about entrenched corporate culture and people's fear of change. But, quoting the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, " the only thing that is constantly changing.”

4. Get help

One way startups can use the latest technology is that they outsource their development work. This helps to reduce costs while maintaining access to the most highly qualified developers. Corporate organizations should consider hiring dedicated external teams and services to assist with technology and business modernization.

For example, our cloud partners are helping long-established businesses migrate their operations to leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

We helped CTP develop an application that scans the product code to determine how it will work in the cloud environment, and then provides an analysis of the overall transmission process. This makes it easier for large organizations to upgrade their business processes by moving them to the cloud.


In the same sense that we, as adults, need to be reminded to have fun and be creative as when we were kids, big corporations need to be reminded to think constantly as a startup.

Going back to the beginning, to the excitement of this original idea and how it was going to change the world-it is the secret of endless imagination, creativity and constant success.

A well-established enterprise wants to return its startup spirit or technical company to help other organizations modernize their business processes, we can help. Contact us and let us discuss your particular needs.

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