Frequently Asked Questions about Enterprise Solutions

ERP software is a business process system used for automating the basic or core business processes so that all the aspects including product planning, sales process, logistics, human resources, report generation and analysis etc can be aligned under one aegis.

Thus, ERP software can be called as the core of a modern and technologically advanced business entity.

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How Technology can help me reduce my operations costs?

In the past few decades, technological advancements have boomed the competitive traits of the business world as it encloses both, tangible and intangible products into something that is productive and optimal. Businesses rely on technology to push greater efficiency and ultimately do extra with the same number or even lesser resources. By reducing time spent on unnecessary tasks and shrinking the chances of human error, it is impossible to quantify the impact of technology on the development of businesses worldwide. Technology alone is not enough, but how professionals develop and manage the information is what contributes to the optimization of cost and maximizing the profits Read More

What are the best features to Look into ERP Software?

ERP software is a business process system used for automating the basic or core business processes so that all the aspects including product planning, sales process, logistics, human resources, report generation and analysis etc can be aligned under one aegis. ERP software is seen around in the form of CRM (customer relationship management), sales management, warehouse management, decision support systems and others. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial features that the ERP software must carry. Read More

What are the Benefits of using Mobile ERP?

Going mobile with ERP solutions is simply all about getting jobs done in a faster and more accurate fashion. The mobile ERPs are bringing businesses out of the cubicles and allowing them to explore more avenues and achieve higher goals with better coordination, easy information access, and seamless collaboration. Read More

Why Does an Enterprise Need An ERP System?

Every enterprise needs an ERP or an Enterprise Resource Planning System to optimize its performance and post higher profits. ERP systems have been around for more than 15 years now and almost all the big companies around the world have embraced them. These systems integrate all the functions of the firm so that resources can be raised and spent, keeping in mind real-time needs of the organization at large. This article is meant for all those entrepreneurs who have either launched their start-ups or are planning to do so in the near and medium term. Read More

How much does a CRM software cost to develop?

A habitual query with respect to CRM Software is the cost to develop it and customize it. It may cost anything between USD 3,000 and USD 500,000 to make a custom CRM application, with monthly packages for online maintenance services orbiting between USD 10 and USD 100 per user. There are several factors affecting the cost of a custom CRM software. Before you proceed to get one built, give this article another read, analyze your requirements and then opt for the right customized product that fulfills those requirements. Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Cloud-Based Finance Software?

Many small and big enterprises are currently using or planning to have their finance software hosted by a cloud. While it gives flexibility to these companies to store their financial data on a remote server, it is important to bear a few facts in mind before they take that final step. The cost of a cloud-based finance software depends upon its many features. Some of those costs are fixed while the others are variable such as those of updates, back-ups, level of security, etc. Check out for their functionalities and assess their fitment to your requirements. Read More

What are key factors for International Expansion of SaaS Business Product?

The software market is growing, and much of this growth is coming from outside the United States. According to a Capterra blog, 4 out of 5 online searches for software on Google are coming from the non-US markets. So what does it take to expand your SaaS markets internationally? Read More

How much does it cost to develop a ERP software?

This is a fair question if you are currently building your ERP system, but unfortunately, there is no right answer. Various estimates put the cost of an ERP system anywhere between USD 75,000 TO USD 750,000 but the cost can still go further up depending on the scale and nature of your business. While arriving at the approximate cost of building your ERP system, you should keep in mind the following factors. Read More

What is the difference between the Customized ERP System vs Standard one?

It is necessary to be clear about the problem to be solved first before comparing the standard and customized ERP. An off-the-shelf product or custom-made product will be useful if you are given the option of evaluating the performance and relevance with the passage of time. The convenience to mold the software in accordance with the changing requirements should be the shopping criteria if the work environment is more dynamic. Read More

What are the different modules of ERP system?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System, as the name suggests, is a dependable tool that encompasses all the processes and solutions considered instrumental for the smooth functioning of various departments of an organization. Right from hiring a new person to keeping record of deliverables, everything is managed in a streamlined fashion which becomes totally accountable as well as transparent, with the help of an ERP system. Let’s take a look at the few basic modules of ERP software categorized on the basis of organization function supported by them. Read More

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