Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing

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What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

The present world belongs to digital platforms. With digitization redefining all the aspects of business, its influence in marketing is natural. All forms of advertising and promotion of products that make use of virtual spaces constitute the digital marketing. This broader term has many offshoots and these are popularized as internet marketing, content marketing, digital advertising and others. Explained here are the 12 top advantages that give reasons to the businesses to set the budget for Digital Marketing in their overall promotion plan. Read More

Digital transformation in Finance: why can't you afford to ignore it

For technology news followers, it seems that every day brings new progress in artificial intelligence or IoT or any number of other areas. Many industries are quick to pick up and work with these inno Read More

Top 3 reason why AI-powered customers service is the next big thing

Artificial intelligence in customer service is no longer just a sci-Fi fantasy-technology like machine learning (ML) has made this a reality. This changes everything from how we manage our families an Read More

Customer-oriented Retail: quick start guide

If you look at how man's place in the world has changed throughout the evolution of mankind's philosophical thought, today's retail client agenda becomes another part of a larger trend: the rise of ma Read More

Why Innovations in Retail Fail

Retail Apocalypse now: shopping malls are abandoned, shelves are bare and dusty, despair and hopelessness fill the air as we watch the shabby landscape of today's American retail ... it seems that eve Read More

How online loyalty programs change the way you buy

Loyalty programs have been around longer than the Internet, but the volume of online consumer data allows retailers to serve their customers better than ever before. And not for nothing: loyalty progr Read More

Future store: 10 innovations in the retail store of the future

The title of this article has nothing to do with the canadian network of electronics stores. This is not such a subtle play on the concept of “ future shock” - a term used to describe our reaction Read More

200 Google’s Ranking Factors – The Complete SEO Checklist For 2018

Although SEO is very serpentine, it plays a critical role in the present digitalized world. Now, businesses are giving significance to SEO and are spending a chunk of cash on it. However, these days a Read More

How colloquial Commerce will shape the future of retail

We bet you've heard about the cunning advertising of Burger King, causing the dynamics of the Google smart Home throughout the United States. it was both deliberately ridiculous and very timely—afte Read More

All You need to know about mobile payments (but probably not)

Today retail is one of the most rapidly changing sectors, and yet some retailers still manage somehow not to pay attention to emerging trends. In a recent survey conducted among 300 retailers in the U Read More

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