Frequently Asked Questions about Big Data

What is Big Data? Can you use big data to empower business decision makers? What are the requirements to capture and analyze Big data? What is the cost of implementing Big data analysis into practical use?

So many questions pop up in your mind while thinking about Big data!

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How is Big Data Changing the Business Operations?

Big data refers to data sets that are so voluminous in nature, that they cannot be understood by the traditional methods of data analysis. Every second, business organizations receive data regarding their operations, their markets, their competitors, and their consumers from various sources. Many enterprises are swamped by all this amorphous data, but the real progressive organizations know that big data if harnessed, can help them in many ways than one. Read More

How to Build a Data-Driven Decision-Making Culture?

Organizations of the present times are striving for better transparency in target-setting and data-driven decision making. But, their understanding of being data-driven may be different. Some will call having a dashboard at all the interfaces everything in the name of having achieved data-driven environment, while others will reduce the task to simply generating daily reports and putting the past performance in front of the workers to get the idea of the impending targets. The reality of being data-driven is a bit different though. Read More

What are 7 Ways To Boost Revenues Using Digital Analytics, Marketing and Testing?

Analytics, Marketing and Testing are the three pillars of a successful sales drive. Correct planning happens when ample data is collected and analyzed on all possible grounds. The analytics play the role in finding how successful the offering has been in meeting the customer expectations, and what more can be done to enhance the overall customer experience. Somewhere in between the analytics and actual transaction the testing does its job and helps evaluate the features and lays the guidelines for incorporating the missing ones. A carefully tailored marketing plan is the first and the foremost requirement for assuring the pouring in of numbers. Read More

The Importance Of Big Data And Data Visualization

Of the stages of Enormous data Mining, visualization Appears to Be the Very underestimated. Businesses sometimes do not explore the particular subject, taking it for granted and perhaps Read More

Customer data analytics Clarified to managers

The consumer is into be ago King notion came, however company intelligence tools introduced life into it. Organizations have understood that consumer experience is. But to build it, companies Read More

How banks May boost Cross Selling with predictive analytics?

Only ten years past, predictive analytics had been a exotic banking program application employed in merely a couple markets, such as credit risk investigation or fraud discovery. Nevert Read More

What's Big Data? A Buzzword explained

For quite a while, folks ask all knowing Google the way bigdata helps businesses to guarantee victory, what enormous numbers engineering will be the best, and also a wide range of additional questions Read More

Are You Using Data to Discover Customer Truths or to Validate Your Biases?

At a , Ash Maurya, founder of their Lean Canvas, notes that quantifying the'true advancement' of an item is difficult now because businesses prefer reporting very good news.That is, partly, be Read More

How to start a Big data in manufacturing?

After looking through Enormous data manufacturing Usage cases, You Might Be impressed. You are even permitted to rush to capture huge data's abilities to outrace your own competitions. Read More

How Bigdata Influences Your Personal Personal IoT Solution

The Quantity of Internet devices is Estimated to triple by 20 25. Correspondingly, IoT is connecting the line up of key data sources which can be not big. This makes infor Read More

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