Frequently Asked Questions about AR/VR Apps

Do AR/VR seem like rocket science? If your answer is yes, let us assure you we all end up feeling the same way when the words which are in vogue are beyond our comfort zone. Also, most of the times we are not aware how new technology can help us increase sales, automate business processes, reduce operational cost and capture valuable customer insights.

We do not want to lag behind our competitors and at the same time want to find value in AR/VR and implement it right. We understand and are here to sail in the same boat as you, to be your torchbearers!

Come ride the AR/VR wave with us! Read through our AR/VR Apps FAQ below. If you still can't find an answer, please feel free to ask us a question from the ASK A QUESTION button to the right! We are right here.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Virtual Reality App?

Rates for VR App Development vary according to the country you choose to develop in. In US or Canada, the development costs could be anywhere between USD 40 – USD 240 per hour, whereas in Western Europe, the costs remain similar ranging from USD 40 – USD 180 per hour. In India, the development costs can drop to USD 20 – USD 70 per hour Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Augmented Reality App?

Now the obvious question that runs into each of our heads is : How much does it cost to make an AR app? To begin with, what all you expect the AR app to do? If it is a multi-functional AR, you can certainly expect it to be costlier than an app with dedicated function. Estimating budget for Augmented Reality app is just like estimating cost for building a house – the more the features, the higher the cost. Read More

Augmented Reality Roundup: Fresh AR Eye-candy and Tech Milestones by the Previous Six Months

Just a few years ago, virtual reality (VR) was that one of the VR/AR technology matching, additionally Pokemon Move was whispers together side safely-guarded intellectual property. In days past, it Read More

The Way to Augmented Reality Used in E-commerce

Augmented Truth may be merely an essential part of the technological revolution that is changing the manner where we socialize with all of the current world. Somewhat in Re-Tail, augmented-real Read More

The Advantages of Virtual Reality Technology in Healthcare

Virtual reality's whole world is still growing. There's been a event as we had correlate VR with Games and entertainment only but at the subsequent record, I'll reveal for you exactly the manner VR Read More

The Best Way Apple ARKit is helping developers to develop Improved Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality (AR) might possibly become your manner applications uses your phone's camera to create the illusion that allout of simple ordinary things to fantastical critters are literally steps Read More

The Way to Construct an ARCore App With Kotlin?

That Is Only a Step-by-step guide for Developing a Easy ARCore App with Kotlin Using Androidstudio, with A Few an Intro on ARCore along with Kotlin. We start with understanding what ARCore Read More

VR Native Promotion: A Sneak Peek into Future Marketing

We're stepping into the era of promotion and advertising. If someone is correlated with marketing could finally understand why phenomenon of native advertising. Conventional advertising. Incident Read More

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