Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Blockchain Technology Work?

Blockchain technology allows the distribution of digital information amongst the various blockchain users. According to Don & Alex Tapscott, blockchain is a big virtual register that records all the financial transactions between the crypto-currency traders. This ledger is continually updated by millions of internet users all the time. Information that is updated is publically shared with everyone. Read More

How Does Marketing Leader’s Personal Branding and Thought Leadership help the company's growth?

It is easier to create a strong relationship with a person rather than an object or concept; this is the premier reason behind the growing popularity of executive personal branding. The key here is to differentiate between an individual brand and a corporate brand. When you plan your branding process from a brand’s point of view, it allows you to amass more explicit inputs and factors that will affect your earmarked market. Read More

Which problems are new startups facing?

While it is good to see more and more start-ups today, it is equally important to identify the problems and challenges they face. Initiating a start-up seems to be the current trend, but running it effectively to set it on the path to profitability seems to be the more daunting task at hand. Let us identify some challenges that the modern day entrepreneurs face. Read More

Why should I hire dedicated PHP developers to build a successful web application?

You can hire a PHP specialist that offers exceptional service at an affordable rate. This can help control cost of services better and eventually offer more competitive quotes.Statistics reveal that a cost-effective hand with PHP expertise is likely to reduce the overall cost by about 70%-80%. Read More

What are the top web development trends in 2018?

The websites of today are expected to offer more value to the customer. The seamlessness of functions and crispness of offering are two aspects that form the base of new trends emerging every year. We foresee website developed in 2018 providing better control and exceptional UI/UX experience to the end users. Customers will demand cleaner, exceptional looking and seamlessly performing websites which do not just stand out but make a mark. Security and privacy would be the necessities rather than added features. Read More

What kind of questions you must ask your client before starting their work?

Before you start developing your client’s website or app, you must ask them a few basic questions. Answers to these will not only give you clarity on their requirements but also save both, the client and you, a lot of time and effort. Your client and you must also realize that your website is not just a set of pretty pictures or text, it is the window of their business to the outside world. Here are a few elementary questions that should head the operations in the right direction. Read More

How do I improve customer experience : 4 trends to watch for?

2018 is going to be different in many ways as compared to last year. 2017 witnessed the introduction of bots in the realm of customer service. Facebook Messenger led the way in the effective usage of customer bots for customer service as well as satisfaction. However, in 2018, many new and exciting developments are going to affect the customer experience domain. What are they? Read More

What are the benefits of using user experience (UX) design in digital businesses?

The reason why UX is trending amongst the businesses is that they want to hold their customers in the tightest possible grip and want them to spread the word amongst their acquaintances too. The user interface is the first and the most important point of interaction between the business and the end users. So, the simpler, relevant and time-saving it is, better it will be in terms of customer response. Read More

What to look for when hiring a web design company?

"A business owner has a business idea, but his vision is formulated and brought to life by a web design agency. An experienced agency can understand your business idea and present it in the most tasteful and comprehensive manner. This is what is needed to explore the digital platform rightfully and for making your website SEO friendly. Let’s list down some of the factors which need to be considered before hiring a web design agency." Read More

Does my business really need a Mobile Application?

In the digital age today, a mobile application opens a door of opportunities for your business. In some cases, it is imperative for a successful growth. However in some cases, it may turn out to be an additional burden. Conduct a proper research before deciding to invest in building a mobile app. Read More

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