Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most important element for mobile devices: Design or Content?

"Should you pay attention only to the design and leave content aside, or go vice versa? This question definitely needs exploration. The fact is, failing on any of these elements can cost a mobile device the customer engagement, which eventually can defeat its very purpose. In the world where patience is now a rarity, it is essential for the developer to create impact in not more than eight seconds. " Read More

How Android Oreo is better than Android Nougat?

Monitoring of user behavior and researching on various parameters help developers come up with solutions and find the finer version of the previous offering. Such is the case with Android Nougat and Android Oreo. Nougat did change the way mobile phones were being used. But, with the introduction of Oreo, the next installment of the series, things certainly have changed for better. Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

Many factors determine the cost of building a website, such as the name of the domain, the cost of hosting your website, cost of technology deployed, the number of visitors anticipated, design and development cost and also whether you would be taking the services of an individual or an agency. Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a WordPress Site?

The basic WordPress software is free, however when you are looking to build a professional site you go with a specific budget and the goals that you want it to achieve. Let us look at the best way forward to create the perfect WordPress Site for you ensuring that both your budget and goals are met without having to over indulge. Lets get started Read More

Why is MVP important for website and mobile applications?

An MVP is just a projection of the mobile app or website that you finally visualize to launch. It helps in avoiding the unnecessary investment in terms of time and money to develop a whole functioning product. Instead, it allows you to just lay out the vital features to the target audience and test their reactions and feedbacks to your product. A majority of startups today make good use of the MVP and if you’re planning to launch a website or a mobile app in the near future, so should you. Read More

What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

The present world belongs to digital platforms. With digitization redefining all the aspects of business, its influence in marketing is natural. All forms of advertising and promotion of products that make use of virtual spaces constitute the digital marketing. This broader term has many offshoots and these are popularized as internet marketing, content marketing, digital advertising and others. Explained here are the 12 top advantages that give reasons to the businesses to set the budget for Digital Marketing in their overall promotion plan. Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Virtual Reality App?

Rates for VR App Development vary according to the country you choose to develop in. In US or Canada, the development costs could be anywhere between USD 40 – USD 240 per hour, whereas in Western Europe, the costs remain similar ranging from USD 40 – USD 180 per hour. In India, the development costs can drop to USD 20 – USD 70 per hour Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Augmented Reality App?

Now the obvious question that runs into each of our heads is : How much does it cost to make an AR app? To begin with, what all you expect the AR app to do? If it is a multi-functional AR, you can certainly expect it to be costlier than an app with dedicated function. Estimating budget for Augmented Reality app is just like estimating cost for building a house – the more the features, the higher the cost. Read More

How is Big Data Changing the Business Operations?

Big data refers to data sets that are so voluminous in nature, that they cannot be understood by the traditional methods of data analysis. Every second, business organizations receive data regarding their operations, their markets, their competitors, and their consumers from various sources. Many enterprises are swamped by all this amorphous data, but the real progressive organizations know that big data if harnessed, can help them in many ways than one. Read More

How to Build a Data-Driven Decision-Making Culture?

Organizations of the present times are striving for better transparency in target-setting and data-driven decision making. But, their understanding of being data-driven may be different. Some will call having a dashboard at all the interfaces everything in the name of having achieved data-driven environment, while others will reduce the task to simply generating daily reports and putting the past performance in front of the workers to get the idea of the impending targets. The reality of being data-driven is a bit different though. Read More

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