Website Development using YII Framework

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Yii is a top rated free website development framework that uses PHP for creating website . Yii framework is probably the latest and top deference PHP frameworks . Yii framework can be downloaded cost free from its official website. Generally every IT outsourcing company is now offering Yii framework based websites .If we are speaking about YII, it's the inbuilt libraries and responsive design services which swing it directly into action. Due to its strong capabilities, it provides developers the liberty to understand the skill set. Apparently, it is known as the most effective PHP platform by developers which create website applications that take technology past the usual scales.

YII is intended and made for Web 2.0 based websites as if you download the framework, you will find best features of them all like MVC, Database Access object, DB migration, easiest ever form validation and input process, Ajax based widgets, built in authentication and authorization process, default support for web services, CSRF and XSS, internationalization with i18n and localization with l10n, efficient error handling and top class safety measures especially for SQL injection etc.

Advantages of Yii framework:

  • Yii framework facilitates automation of effective many areas of different modules, which results in cutbacks in time and cash.
  • Easy coding also means save development time. The framework won't count on heavy coding to start with.
  • Yii framework makes opportunity for creating solutions that could be easily scaled or extended. There is no doubt over the robustness from the website that's full of premium features.
  • Through the business viewpoint, the very basic reasons why YII has gained so much heat in recent times is framework has greatly reduced they size that was initially essential for the successful execution of an particular project because of lot of automation given by the framework especially Gii module.



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