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Yellow Objects is a prominent and fast growing offshore software development organization located in Jaipur and offer excellent software solutions to its clients and customers. Having vast experience in software development and in-depth knowledge of various aspects of technology, we offer flexible software applications for many industries such as hospitality, retail and wholesale among many others. We offer many solutions including web application development, mobile application development and CMS development among others. Our team at yellow objects comprises of talented software developers and we use many technologies that help us deliver the best services to our clients.

Efficient Technology From the many technologies that we use, CakePHP is one of the most important technologies and is used for open source application development. CakePHP changed the perspective of the programmers and developers. This technology helps the developer to complete the projects in less time as CakePHP requires minimal use of codes, unlike XML files that are way too complicated.
Expert Programmers We have an organized team of CakePHP professionals that make the best use of this resource and develop the most custom tailored application suiting your needs. Our team is well-acquainted with all aspects of CakePHP such as object oriented programming and Model View Controller (MVC) which contains easy-to-use features such as built-in validations, caching, translations and access to database. Our programmers and software developers integrate third party modules to deliver you the best programming solution and efficient final product.

Quality Service We at Yellow Objects have experience in working on the CakePHP technology and we have already provided customized solutions to many industrial clients and businesses. Our team of expert professionals is well versed with all security aspects and provides features such as form tampering protection, input validation, cross site request forgery and also other important security add-ons like SQL injection prevention and cross site scripting prevention. These security features helps in keeping the application safe from misuse. We offer many software solutions using the CakePHP technology which includes product designing, modification and customization and integration and up gradation services. Along with providing the best application that is customized to your need, we also help with deployment services and server configuration along with complete support.



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