The retail experience has been changing at a blink of an eye and how. Consumers of today are technology savvy, socially connected, and mobile enabled. Today's customers demand superior experiences from retailers and they expect those experiences at a speed they choose, at a location of their choice, and at the time they want that experience.

Given this and driven by digital technology, retailers need to Re-Invent their strategies to stay ahead of the game.

Yellow Objects helps retailers do just that.

By providing a seamless experience across channels, we help retailers understand their consumers better by deriving insights from their physical and digital footprints. Using big data analysis to unify the vast amount of data and information present, we derive actionable insights that can keep you constantly ahead of the curve.

The significant role of digital technology has also played a part in enabling the industry to renew its entire ecosystem. Retail outlets stand at the forefront of reducing the distance between themselves and their consumers by increasing relevant interactions within and outside the store.

This is also coupled with empowering the consumer to not simply shop "anywhere-anytime-on any terms" but also be a part of the larger landscape. By voicing an opinion, writing a review - usually through social media - consumers can now view retailers as enablers, helping them to unleash their creative expression.

In this sense, retailers hold a unique position by physically being so close to their customers. Apart from traditional business practices - such as ensuring profitability, customer loyalty, and providing quality service - retailers gain a 'real' sense of their customers' needs and requirements and can position themselves accordingly.

Latest market trends, trends customised according to different geographical areas, newer methods of payment, better deliveries, Feedback and reverts are all deciding factors that help you stay ahead in this digital retail industry.

We integrate social data with market intelligence and store-specific analytics to provide rich, contextual insights. It will enable you to refine your pricing strategy, product assortment, and procurement.

Key Digital Solutions offered :
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Data Analysis
  • End to end retailer - consumer relationship Management


Web Address:

DoobayTM is an online auction and instant purchase platform based in Dubai offering a powerful social platform for both buyers and sellers, to trade used or new goods either by way of auction or instant purchase.

DooBay marketplace exists as an online trading platform that enables residents of initially only the UAE to interact and trade with one another. It will then expand into the Middle East followed by world-wide coverage. DooBay's role is to create, maintain, and expand the technological functionality, safety, ease-of-use, and reliability of our trading platform while, at the same time, supporting the growth and success of our community of users.

Project Overview:

Doobay aspired to be Middle East's First Independent marketplace. Its platform required to be fully automated, topically arranged, intuitive and an easy-to-use online service that is available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, enabling sellers to list items for sale in either auction or instant purchase (fixed-price) formats for a percentage of the final sale price of an item; and for buyers to browse through listed items and bid for and purchase items of interest. The platform would include software tools and services, available either for no charge or for a fee, that would allow buyers and sellers to more easily trade with one another.

Also, Since DooBay was looking at SME's, International Products and Quick delivery, the Supply Chain Management system within the E-commerce Solution had to be robust and and very meticulous.The E-commerce portal also required to ship products across various geographical regions and would be available on a Mobile App.The portal required to handle 27 hours customer support, and various payment Gateways. Hence, an overall user engagement platform had to be created which would take care of end to end functionalities.

Our Solution

DooBay chose Yellow Objects to be it's Project Associate to build up the E-commerce portal as it trusted our capabilities to give them a wide range of solutions to build the project from the scratch. Our expert team of business consultants and technical experts studied the business model and came up with the best solutions given the current market practices. We ensured that DooBay can easily scale up its operations with ease and hence created a lean structure.

The portal has been built keeping in mind the customer experience required for a portal like this. The portal is self explanatory and easy to manoeuvre. Also, since the portal is going to have a great amount of data on it, we suggested to build it on Drupal 7 content management system. For responsive design we have used twitter bootstrap 3.

Supply Chain Management has been of primary focus in the creation of the Portal. We offered solutions where the procurement to delivery was quick and trackable. Various offers, deals, categories, sellers and international products, along with the authentications and legal formalities are woven into the system.