The word project lifecycle itself shows the group of activities that work together to achieve a goal. The logical sequence of activity that is performed to achieve the goal is project life cycle. Each project no matter whether it is small or large goes through different phases and activities. Once the particular stage achieved the working of the next activity is performed. It will make it easy to achieve the goal of the project with fewer complexities. There are different industries today, and all work on project life cycle to achieve the main goal. Once the stage is performed successively with validations the working on the next phase is performed. It will help to achieve the overall goal with ease, and it will also reduce the time of project. Today there are different models available that can help to work on life cycle and achieve its main goal.

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Need of project life cycle

Project consists of different requirements that are required to fulfilled. At initial stage, all the requirements and the goal of the project discussed. It will help to cover all the requirements and also will get an option to make the project very simple. The management is very important while working on project and life cycle will help for it. One will work more effectively, and it proved while testing the project. One who does not believe in life cycle find it very difficult to complete the project on time with its main goal. The completion of the activity goes for testing and on the positive result further working is been performed. It will make it easy to rectify errors and solve it. Thus, one will enjoy working on the project and make clients happy with the project. It is well-said that strategy is important, but the way it is well executed is more important and project life cycle is perfect example of it.

Benefits of life cycle
  • Project are, usually, quiet large and so it requires proper management to complete within the time. The life cycle will cover complete project in different phases, and it will help to achieve the goal of the project.
  • Each phase of the project goes through testing and validating. It will make it very easy to achieve the goal of the project and reduce the complexities.
  • Dividing the project in phase will make working on phase very easy. The team working of the project will also get an option to work in their skilled activity, and it will help to get the aim of the project.
  • There are some projects where the initial phase is same at such situations developing phase for once will give an option to use it many different projects. The cost effective project can be achieved only if proper life cycle performed.

Our Process

Project Planning

It is the first stage where the main purpose of the project is discussed. It will also help to decide the team for the project and also decide the budget and milestone. this planning phase includes the requirement of the project and the main goal of the project.

Project Initialization

It is the main phase where all plan is written by the project management. It also lays the required tools, risk, labour cost and many other points that are required to perform the project. In this step the basic steps is been done and project been initated according the previous phase.

Development & Implementation

The different stages of the project are developed in this stage. The team is also divided into different phases to get the actual result of client expectations. In Yellow Objects There are seperate team specified for the specified tasks.


IThe stage will work on implementing the project that developed. It will also interact with the customers and get the reviews of them. The quality assistance performed in this stage. It is the final stage and customer satisfaction achieved in such phase and hand over to customer for their use.