New Operating Models and Automation

The entry of digital technologies into the Logistics and Distribution industry has caused a significant shift in the way in which business is now being undertaken.

Digital has led to the enhanced visibility of logistics operations, which has permeated across the entire supply chain. From tracking delivery status via mobile devices, to undertaking transactions and executions via online applications and workflows, the industry has been able to leverage and create better and more personalized user experiences.

In terms of existing applications, digitization has also renewed automation in the maintenance and testing of legacy applications, thus reducing costs and increasing availability. Further, there has been a push towards modernizing these applications to next generation platforms, which has taken place for the freight industry, specifically for clients in the intermodal freight transport space.

Additionally, the industry has been able to work with new business models by way of which , the industry has been able to reduce costs, save time, and work with tremendously increased flexibility. This has enabled it to grow in a two-fold manner: first, by entering emerging markets and second through an increase in the intermodal market.

These advantages have resulted in dramatic business benefits for industry, including a reduction in operation costs, increase in speed, improved efficiency and transparency, and better collaboration and integration across the entire supply chain ecosystem.

Segments we serve:


Wefetch is a courier and concierge service based in the heart of London.

WeFetch lets you order anything on-demand for delivery to your home or other premises. Its couriers/personal shoppers will go to the store or restaurant and purchase what you need, promising to get it to you within the hour. WeFetch charges a fee for the delivery.

Since its launch, WeFetch has fulfilled multiple orders, spanning a number of verticals including food, groceries, fashion and electronics. Its typical customer is described as people who lead a busy life and have a serious lack of time.

Project Overview

WeFetch required Yellow Objects to build an application for their courier and concierge services in London. Their aim is to provide customers and local businesses more visibility and reach through mobile and web platforms and access to a real time logistics solution.

As a local business they were required to offer a same day service,focusing on delivering documents, parcels and pallets to their destination in the shortest possible time. Thus the app required a thoroughly robust tracking system and logistics detailing.

WeFetch is required to manage its carriers which consists of a large fleet of motorbikes, cars and vans.

Also all the drivers are equipped with a prepaid bank cards which enables the drivers to buy items from shops for our clients and deliver them there door.

Our Solution:

The consultants and technical experts at Yellow Objects are well read and well informed about the Logistics and transportation industry. The app is offering brick and mortar retailers the opportunity to compete in E-commerce, by making their products immediately available to the consumer. The Logistics logic had to be executed in a way that maximum deliveries can take place with the minimum man power.

Payment gateways, logistics and transportation handling, charges applicable, supply chain management, all of these being the key features, the Application is designed and executed in a manner that all the transactions are smooth.

The structure of the Application was kept lean so that it could be deployed in markets other than London too. Also the second phase contains addition of cab drivers. A whole lot of work can be attributed to the brilliant understanding of the team and excellent WeFetch - Yellow Objects team