Online travel and transport websites provide the ease with which any consumer can compare prices, research their chosen destination, and chose the best way to get there, all with the click of a mouse button. The traveling industry is growing at a fast pace. Traveling supports tourism activity across the country, which in turn, helps build the economy.

Long gone are the days when luxury travel was a privilege reserved for the wealthy. Today's consumers have more access to these services thanks to disruptive low-cost airlines and mobile booking sites.

Recent hotel IPOs in the US have largely been driven by major private equity players. Several years of steady revenue growth and limited additions to supply have enhanced investor confidence, particularly where a dynamic growth story exists for the future. Other large, private owners have clearly taken notice, and this hotel IPO and venture capital trend will likely continue for large portfolio owners with the right economics and growth stories.

It's an exciting time to be in the hospitality and travel industry, as it contends with increased competition, shifting economics, and increased and unique demands from shifting demographics. We're going to see lots of great things happening in the next decade, but one thing is for sure: travel companies are gearing up their resources to get us where we want to go and give us a great place to rest our heads.

Core business applications can be enhanced with location-specific data, such as driving directions, maps, restaurant menus, and local directory listings, to facilitate convenient business / leisure travel. Your customer experience management strategy can be augmented with social media to engage millennial travelers.

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Web Address: travel

Hayahootravel is an Adventure and Travel Website. It helps users search and plan trips in exotic locations in Iran. It integrates travel plans along with useful information and tips about the destinations.

It is a one-stop solution to plan a dream holiday - user can read traveller reviews of destinations, find the best rated hotels there, search & book hotel at the lowest rates and get best flight fares. Hayahootravel's forums and destination experts enable the user to get his smallest travel query answered.

Project Overview:

Hayahootravel required Yellow objects to build a comprehensive travel website which would encompass all the parameters required for it to be a one-stop solution.It focusses on enabling travellers to plan and book the perfect trip.Hayahootravel offers advice from millions of travellers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools that check hundreds of websites to find great hotel prices.

Our Solution:

User/ Members can search details of a location, places to stay, travel means and modes, compare prices, shortlist eateries, write about their travel experiences, write blogs, upload videos and pictures, give reviews and do a lot more. This is a free website and after being able to capture a sizable database, Hayahootravel aims at attracting investors to take the website further. Also tie-up and re-directing to various other websites, integration of information etc is required for this website to run.


Yellow Objects has suggested various scalability options such as Inclusion of payment getaways, adding videos and more exotic locations. We have suggested that the website can cover various countries and eventually tie up with various other travel websites and fetch information.

Once the user base is built a lot of Data analytics can be put in place and Hayahootravel can capitalize on the growing market segments. Also the travellers can benefit from streamlining of operations and multiple payment gateaways.