The global medical industry is one of the world's fastest growing industries, absorbing over 10% of gross domestic product of most developed nations. It constitutes of broad services offered by various hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies and ably supported by drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical equipment, manufacturers and suppliers.

The medical and health care industry provides enormous employment opportunities to choose from. Apart from using the services of medical professionals, this industry also utilizes the expert services of public policy workers, medical writers, clinical research lab workers, IT professionals, sales/marketing professionals and health insurance providers.

How does Yellow Objects deliver?

Our delivery teams, specialists, and SMEs have developed offerings that are at the forefront of the healthcare IT market. We work with clients to ensure that they are at the cutting edge of digital, analytics, care management, gamification, and mobility services and solutions. Our offerings enable organizations to renew their business processes and realize capability upliftment while gaining integration competency.

The ongoing challenges facing the healthcare industry require immediate action and decisive insights. With a re-alignment of the market, rising costs, and regulatory watch, healthcare organizations need to:

  • Identify and employ original methods to build scale and infrastructure
  • Adopt digital platforms and tools to develop a consumer-centric marketplace
  • Create collaborative business models to drive value-based care

Our integrated solutions can enable healthcare organizations to actively focus on renewing the customer experience, derive better health outcomes, and provide cost-effective results across the entire eco-system.

The Healthcare & Pharma Industry is a very complex industry. Its reliance on IT infrastructure is aspiring to convey better services to a more and more product aware patron. Our medical/healthcare website design solutions are immensely beneficial to healthcare organizations and hospitals. With our cost-effective solutions, you can easily overcome the challenges faced in delivering quick & efficient patient care services.

Also, we design websites for doctors and physicians so that they can reach out to a larger number of patients in the easier manner. We also include powerful add-ons into healthcare websites to make these more effective & productive.

Yellow Objects understands the requirements of the healthcare industry in terms of service standards, documentation standards and business practices. With several successful projects under its belt, Yellow objects can effectively assist healthcare providers in their software and web development needs.


Web Address:

DRMARK GP HOME VISIT SERVICES provides home visit After-Hours medical care to patients when their regular General Practitioner is not available or their access is limited. They coordinate and collaborate with other health care providers including their GP colleagues, specialists, local hospital emergency department and clinics and allied health service provider to achieve the best outcome their patients. Their leading value is to provide the highest quality care to every community member specially those most vulnerable, children, elderly, individuals with mental health concerns and low income groups when they need it the most.

Project Overview & Solution:

DR MARK strived to create a solution where its patients could avail medical help at odd hours after their General Practitioners are unavailable. They have a pool of expert doctors, nurses who can be reached out to in after hours and weekends. They offer this service for Australian Region.

They needed a website where patients and doctors could register and request doctor visits, view appointments, prioritise appointments, view availability of doctors etc. Thier website had to look neat and simple to navigate through.

Yellow Objects suggested that the website should be kept simple and information should be placed in a manner where it is easily accessible. Also, the doctors and patients are able to pay and Bill Medicare directly through the website for services requested and rendered.


Yellow Objects has offered the following solutions for further growth and scalability of operations:

  • Extending operations to various other regions in Australia
  • Integrating payment gateways into the system
  • Aligning with medical insurance companies for billing purposes.
  • Adding an Advertisement model and various other revenue generating tools so as to expand the scope of operations.