Today, the Financial Services industry is confronted with rising cost of regulatory compliance, the evolving threat of cybercrime, and a diverse technology landscape.

These challenges, however, have opened up a wide array of opportunities, many of which still remain untapped. Thus, there is a continuous need to renew existing systems and address new challenges.

At Yellow Objects, we enable enterprises to restructure their operating models, institutionalize compliance rules, and modernize technology infrastructure, while helping to leverage automation - to renew themselves - and emerge more efficient.

Our endeavor is to be at zero-distance on three dimensions: the end-user, the code, and its economic viability. Every day, we try to bridge the gap between our work and our clients by offering well-designed and engineered solutions that deliver real business value.


Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way industries function. In the insurance industry, non-traditional players now have access to large volumes of customer data and are able to provide holistic pre-purchase and purchase information, albeit in an unstructured form.

This is a huge advantage for customers in the pre-purchase stage, and this new empowerment has made them more demanding, aware, and considered of their insurance requirements.

Our solutions also translate into clear cost benefits. We do this through the:

  • Automation of processes to make them more efficient by creating more straight-through processing (STP)
  • Creation of customer self-service systems to reduce the burden on back-office operations.

Looking ahead, the IoT is shifting risk profiles through the use of new technologies like connected cars and connected homes. Here, insurers need to renew themselves to be future-ready. We have the capabilities, tools, and experience to help insurers better understand their customers' risk profiles, and create tailored products to suit their needs.

Services Offered:


Frank Medina Insurance

Web Address:

Frank Medina Insurance is one of the best insurance companies in providing coverages that match the premium one can afford. FMI provides life, business, home and car insurance. FMI's goal is to insure all of one's insurance needs.FMI has access to several companies, making it easy for them to take care of all their customer's needs.

FMI provides quotes from reputable top rated companies. They have several discounts that which results in more savings.

FMI knows that things change over time and their plan is to be with their customers along the way. An insurance quote from FMI takes less than 15 minutes and the customers could save hundreds by bundling everything with them. Having insurance minimizes what you have to pay out of pocket when an accident occurs.

Project Overview & Solution

Frank Medina Insurance required Yellow objects to build a comprehensive insurance website for US region. Their website would have to detail all the insurances offered by Frank Medina. Also Payment gateways were to be integrated with the website. The user could apply for an insurance online. Also, the user could call and fill in a contact form to enroll with the website.

The site would host blogs and site would allow users to post their reviews about Frank Medina's insurance policy. Also, donations had to the incorporated which would again happen via a payment gateway.


Yellow objects has suggested various add on features to the website. A few of them are listed below:

  • Auto Calculator: This would let the user choose the insurance required, suggest premiums and calculate premiums spread over various time frames along with the monetary benefits it would fetch the user.
  • Compare pricing: This features would help the users compare premium prices with the other firms offering same types of insurance.
  • Renew and Cancel Insurance policies: This feature would enable the users to modify their existing insurance policies online.
  • Quick Quote: This features helps user fill in their details and get quotes for premiums for various insurance policies.
  • Forms and Formats: these document can be made available online for the users ease and convenience. Can also look at digitalisation of forms and signatures.