The use of web in education industry has completely revolutionized the way it operates. No longer is it difficult for anyone across the globe to access any informative data. E-Learning products and services have big demand from customers ranging from private enterprises to schools and universities and government agencies. People who are geographically spread across different continents are taking advantage of enormous chances offered by combining learning and training materials with Internet and optimize their operations beyond boundaries.

E-learning allows the easy delivery of information and knowledge to learners and has opened up new way of knowledge transfer. The users that adopted it during its early days have successfully supplemented demonstrations, face-to-face meetings, training classes and lectures with this ground breaking technology.

We have a dedicated group of Technical experts who specialize in building professional solutions for educational institutions including colleges, and universities. Our team understands how important it is for an e-learning solutions to be interesting and engaging. Therefore, our web developers ensure that each piece of your website is developed so as to increase interest among target users. We also integrate powerful blog applications, forums, discussion boards and message boards with your education website.

The Yellow Objects Education practice helps you capitalize on technology to enhance the learning experience.

Renewing the learning process

A web-based content management system to create, manage, deliver, and archive knowledge artefacts in diverse formats is a learning imperative. Advanced search functionality to access relevant data reduces the cost of help desk operations. A robust user authentication method for controlling access to enterprise content ensures information security. Moreover, a comprehensive content management solution supports digital rights management.

Competency profiles of employees should be created to identify skill gaps. Digital assessment tools provide an accurate evaluation of a course or skill development program. The results serve as a feedback mechanism for the learning process and system.

Enhancing learning with new systems

A learning ecosystem facilitates collaboration between learners, instructors, administrators, and other stakeholders. Social learning in virtual classrooms, is where learners and experts interact through video, audio, and text chats, accelerates knowledge-sharing.

Students and corporate trainees can gain instant access to a knowledge repository through mobile devices. The learning modules and assessment tools should support a diverse range of mobile platforms and devices. Our learning ecosystem reduces IT infrastructure costs and ensures simultaneous adoption by multiple users.

Key Features handled by Education Automation:

  • Comprehensive Content Management
  • Data Security and Authentication
  • User Authentication
  • Automation of Procedures
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Online test/Scholarships /Admissions /Exam/Enrollments
  • Integrating Payment Gateways

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Web Address:

Rainbow International School is the non-profit private day-school. Located in Seoul, South Korea, Rainbow International School opened its doors to students in September, 2007. RIS is a non denominational school which proudly represents students from more than 20 different countries. Its multicultural atmosphere is both warm and friendly.

WASC Accredited RIS is an affiliated member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the East Asia Regional Council for Overseas Schools (EARCOS), and the Korea Council of Overseas Schools (KORCOS).

Project Overview

Rainbow International School required a comprehensive website that encompasses all the details related to the school. They wanted to digitize all the current happenings, applications, schedules, examination details etc and make the school more approachable and easier to communicate with. Curriculum, Contacting parents, teachers, school lunch menu, School bus details, school supply list, field trips, careers and donations were all to be availed online.

Our Solution

Rainbow International School chose Yellow objects as it trusted the consultancy and project delivering capabilities of Yellow Objects. We delivered the complete project in a span of 35 working days. We ensured we were up to date with the current happenings in the the digital education industry and chose the best methodologies and functionalities to design and develop the website.

The project was completed in a single phase. We focussed on design and development in a manner where project scalability and addition of future modules is possible with minimalist efforts.

Various user roles that of parents, students, faculty, Admin etc were created to facilitate better management and use of the website. The website enables all its users to access all the relevant information on a digital platform. The students can upload their grades, seek admissions, make fee payments online, fill up forms and submit, read curriculum and a lot more. Parents, Faculty and Admin are equally involved in working of the website.

For the RIS School, we suggested to WordPress framework.

Benefits derived by Rainbow international School:

Business Benefits:
  • Increase in Donations as more people could make payments online after accessing relevant information
  • Improvement in Management productivity
  • Increased Accountability of Faculty and Staff hence better productivity.
Operational benefits:
  • Online monitoring of admission forms and fee payments
  • Higher information access for all members
  • Easy updation of information & notifications