Corporate Responsibility

Yellow Objects believes that the primary purpose of a business is to improve the quality of life of people. We will volunteer our resources, to the extent that we can reasonably afford, to sustain and improve a healthy and prosperous environment and to improve the quality of life of the people of the areas in which we operate.

Our Founder and Ceo - Mr. Yatesh Kandoi is a Member of Round Table India. We ensure our contribution to the society through Round Table India.

Service through Fellowship is the lifeline of Round Table India. It is through the fellowship of young men that this organisation has served the community for many decades. Round Table India started its efforts in helping the community with small projects directed towards service. Over the years, we have grown from strength to strength and today we are building big projects and have moved over from community service to community development.

In 1998, Round Table India launched "FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION" to provide basic infrastructure for primary education in rural India, reaching out to about one million children over a period of 10 years.

Under the Freedom Through Education program, Round Table India identifies needy schools for underprivileged that are operating from dilapidated or open structures; schools that have land available but little resources to take up big ticket expenditures like construction. It is here that RTI steps in and builds School Blocks with Amenities across India to help such efforts and hands over newly constructed quality school Blocks to the school bodies.

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