The level of international competitiveness of car manufacturers will increasingly depend on the hardware and software they are using. Already today, the control devices, sensors, and software of a premium model represent more than 30% of the total value. Almost all vehicle innovations are already based on software – for instance, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency call, or driver assistance systems.

In 2016, 8 of 10 new cars will have internet access, the consulting firm Oliver Wyman predicts. According to estimates of the IT consulting firm Gartner, every fifth car will be online in 2020. That would be about 250 million cars worldwide. They produce and receive huge amounts of data and will play a significant role in the development of the Internet of Things. In 2020, components, software, and services around the cross-linked car will have a volume of 170 billion euros – six times more than today. This shows that digitalization also generates great market opportunities for suppliers.

Connectivity and digitisation are the most important trends which could influence the global automobile industry from 2016 to 2025.

Based on interviews of 800 top auto executives in 38 countries, it is calculated that there will be business model disruptions, connectivity and digitisation, customer data, new products and players in the industry and how data, consumer analytics and informational engineering will play a vital role.

According to 82 per cent of the respondents, the auto industry will experience major business model disruptions in the next five years.In order to meet their current needs, becoming a customer-oriented service provider is of utmost importance. One way traditional carmakers can add value and offer customised client experiences is by leveraging the massive amount of data that both the car and its drivers produce.

Digitization - The Way Forward for Automotive Companies Changing market dynamics are revving up the automobile industry. Consumers, today, are not looking only for a car, but in fact seek a bundled “experience package.” Traditionally, this experience was limited to basic services like extended warranties, service contracts, insurance, etc. However, today the confluence of technologies such as cloud, mobility, social media and Big Data has helped fuel demand for a whole new set of services like infotainment, loyalty-linked rewards, advocacy, etc. This is where he deploy our expert team of business consultants and developers to build you a cohesive product that encompasses all the required functionalities.

PCL Automotive

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PCL opened the doors to its manufacturing facility in Los Angeles in 1929, servicing local body shops with simple solvents. Over the years the product portfolio expanded to include primers and then specialized automotive finishes. After the sale of the company to the Berg family in 1969, PCL expanded its offerings to include complete lines of vehicle coating products for all steps in the refinishing process with a focus on environmentally responsibility.

Pacific Coast Lacquer has been a leader in the vehicle refinishing industry for over 85 years. Thier West Coast roots give us unique expertise in premium performance as well as environmental responsibility. From the perfect clear coat on a 37 Ford Cabriolet Hot Rod, to touching up a minor collision repair, PCL has the right automotive coating solution for any application.

As the leading aftermarket automotive refinishing manufacturer in California focused on environmental responsibility, PCL products meet the highest AQMD compliance standards with a wide variety of low VOC products and complete waste management and recycling solutions to insure our customers have the proper systems for all their compliance needs.

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PCL Automotives wanted to build a fairly neat website which would showcase and give information about its products.The requirement was that of it being user friendly, neat and non -confusing. They also insisted that only relevant information should be filled up.

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Yellow Objects evaluated the business requirements and suggested variety of information to be incorporated onto the website. Gallery of work done, brochures in form of PDF, Technical Documents, MSDS Sheets and up-to-date Rules and Regulations.product information about superior automotive coating products including solvents, primers, color coats and clears was included. This website also has a news section where related news can be shown so that it gives its customer a better understanding of the market situation and practices.